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Online degree programs allow you to study even with a full-time job. The careers available with Social Sciences online degree include: psychologist, counselor, social worker, public service administrator, politician, lawyer etc.

Social Sciences study how people behave individually and in groups; seek to understand the human mind; and work to help others in many different fields.

Some of the online program categories at Study Online that fall under social sciences include history, communication, political science, psychology and law.

The categories of Social Sciences include the whole range of online academic programs of Social Sciences, for instance, Homeland Security, Law and Legal Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Safety, Counseling, Sociology, Family and Marriage Therapy, History and more.

The online program in Social Sciences may be also chosen by the online degree level you would like to obtain.

American Public University System
Graduate Certificate in American History
Graduate Certificate in American Revolution
Graduate Certificate in Ancient and Classical History
Graduate Certificate in The American Civil War
Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice
Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management
Graduate Certificate in History - European Studies
Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security
Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis
Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies
Graduate Certificate in National Security Studies
Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies
Graduate Certificate in World War II Studies
Certificate Program in Corrections Administration
Certificate Program in Family Studies
Certificate Program in Forensic Science
Certificate Program in Homeland Security
Certificate Program in Intelligence Analysis
Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies
Certificate Program in Terrorism Studies
Certificate Program in Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness
Certificate Program in United Nations

Columbia College
Courses in Introduction to Criminal Justice Administration
Courses in Criminal Investigations
Courses in Criminal Law
Courses in Crisis Intervention
Courses in Police in a Democratic Society
Courses in Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice
Courses in Ethics and Morality in Criminal Justice
Courses in Corrections and Penology
Courses in Community Based Corrections
Courses in Laws of Criminal Evidence
Courses in Expert and Scientific Evidence
Courses in Drug Abuse and Crime Control
Courses in Criminal Procedures
Courses in Organized Crime
Courses in Management of Criminal Justice Agencies
Courses in Criminal Justice
Courses in Law, Ethics and Education
Courses in Educational Psychology
Courses in History of Western Civilization
Courses in American History
Courses in Modern China
Courses in Modern Japan
Courses in The Vietnam War
Courses in Twentieth Century Europe
Courses in The American Civil War
Courses in History of the American West
Courses in American Military History
Courses in History of Christianity
Courses in Historiography
Courses in Introduction to Human Services
Courses in Working with Individuals
Courses in Working with Groups
Courses in Working with Communities and Organizations
Courses in American Social Policy
Courses in Disability Studies
Courses in Substance Abuse
Courses in Latin American Culture and Society
Courses in Statistics
Courses in Business Law
Courses in American Government
Courses in International Relations
Courses in Politics of Developing Nations
Courses in Judicial Process
Courses in General Psychology
Courses in Personality Theory
Courses in Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Courses in Social Psychology
Courses in History and Systems of Psychology
Courses in Human Sexuality
Courses in Learning and Cognition
Courses in Abnormal Psychology
Courses in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Courses in Integrative Psychology
Courses in Sociology
Courses in General Anthropology
Courses in American Social Problems
Courses in Social Deviance
Courses in Minority Cultures and Relations
Courses in Criminology
Courses in Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Courses in Women's Studies