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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Georgia
City: Norcross
Street: 430 Technology Parkway
ZIP: 30092
Phone: 1-800-957-5412
Ashworth College is a worldwide leader in providing flexible, lifestyle-friendly education. The College offers many programs in today's most popular fields, with learning alternatives that fit the way you live, work and play. If you want to advance your career with an associate, bachelor's or master's degree, and achieve your objectives with professional career training or earn your high school diploma, then our College is an ideal choice.

Ashworth College is globally accredited online education. It has unified the three schools formerly known as Professional Career Development Institute, Ashworth College and James Madison High School under one name. As the result it offers expanded courses that will help students to reach their career goals.

College have more than 75 career-relevant programs. And millions of smart people have reaped the practical rewards of flexible, lifestyle friendly education at Ashworth College. College is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience that implements personal and professional objectives.

At the College participants have the flexibility to learn when, where and how they want. Students just set the pace of study, schedule and deadlines. At Ashworth College they can get it their way.

Financial Aid
In many ways, Ashworth College offers more for students' money than any other comparable educational institution in America. This is because Ashworth College doesn’t maintain a campus, residence halls or classrooms so it saves on costs. By the way, students' textbooks and study materials are INCLUDED in the tuition.

It is possible for a student to enroll with a low initial payment and join interest-free monthly tuition plan. Remember, the College never charges finance fees – ever.

Besides, Ashworth College is approved under the DANTES program, whereby tuition may be reimbursed to active and reserve military personnel upon graduation from the school. Students may ask their supervisor or Education Officer for details.

Ashworth College is an accredited member of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).


Dan R.
I was reading many of the other comments on Ashworth College, and I am different than most.
I was impressed, when I first started, at their prices. Their prices are low, compared to many other schools. I have seen schools with over 14,000 a quarter, and my program will end up costing a little over 4,000 for an Associates.
Also, they sent my materials quickly. I get my books before my current class is even done, and they have never forgotten anything at all.
They respond to my emails usually within the first day I send them, and they always assure me to talk with them whenever I have a problem.
I am impressed with their materials. All updated, revised, etc, with in the last couple years, and the book publishers are good institutions.
I have learned hoards of informations from them, and they give those who may not have lots of time to study plenty of time. They give you 4 years to complete an Associates. Plenty of time! This program works well for me, a student with lots of other stuff going on in my life.
I am enjoying Ashworth completely. But if you need someone, a teacher and a class, to keep you motivated in studying, then you probably should not do homestudy.
I think Ashworth is a great college, 5 stars on their every service and materials!

Chris Chapman
I am very pleased with the business program at Ashworth University. The material is very informative and easy to understand. The staff is very helpful, and graded assignments are returned promptly. My overall experience has been great, and I would definitely recommend Ashworth University to a friend.

Monica K.
Nothing but good things to say about Ashworth U. (Ashworth College now!) It's so convenient, you can start taking classes as soon as you sign up. For an online college, Ashworth makes a big effort to foster a sense of community and closeness, which is nice and lent itself to a better experience overall. I found getting my degree very rewarding.

I have 2 classes (out of 20) left until I am finished with Ashworth's Associates in Psychology. I highly recommend Ashworth if you are dedicated to your education. The price is right, the books are included, they take monthly payments with no interest charged (you do need to have your tuition paid in full to graduate), it's self paced. My employer is paying for most of my tuition and will honor my degree when it comes time to advance to Case Manager. If you plan on transferring credits to another institution, make sure they will accept the Ashworth credits as they are nationally accredited and not regionally. I'm glad I found Ashworth.

I have to say that you get what you pay for. As a graduate from the Associates in Psychology, I learned some, but feel as though I could have learned more from another school. It was very convenient though.

Programs offered by this school:
Associates Degree in Accounting
Associates Degree in Business Management
Associates Degree in Computer Information Management
Associates Degree in Construction Management
Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education
Associates Degree in Finance
Associates Degree in Healthcare Management
Associates Degree in Human Resources Management
Associates Degree in Marketing
Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies
Associates Degree in Psychology
Associates Degree in Retail Management
Associates Degree in Security Management
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
Bachelors Degree in E-Business
Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education
Bachelors Degree in Management
Bachelors Degree in Marketing
Certificate Program in Accounting
Certificate Program in Business Management
Certificate Program in Computer Information Management
Certificate Program in Construction Management
Certificate Program in Criminal Justice
Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education
Certificate Program in Finance
Certificate Program in Health Care Management
Certificate Program in Human Resources Management
Certificate Program in Marketing
Certificate Program in Paralegal Studies
Certificate Program in Psychology
Certificate Program in Retail Management
Certificate Program in Security Management
Diploma Program in Auto Repair Technology
Diploma Program in Basic Accounting
Diploma Program in Basic Electronics
Diploma Program in Bridal Consultant
Diploma Program in Carpenter
Diploma Program in Child Care Career Skill
Diploma Program in College Prep/Bridge
Diploma Program in Computer Network Security
Diploma Program in Computer Networking
Diploma Program in Computer Programming
Diploma Program in Computerized Accounting
Diploma Program in Conservation Ecology
Diploma Program in Electrician Training
Diploma Program in Fashion Retailing
Diploma Program in Financial Planning
Diploma Program in Fitness and Exercise
Diploma Program in Floral Design
Diploma Program in Forensic Science
Diploma Program in General Education
Diploma Program in Gourmet Cooking & Catering
Diploma Program in Graphic Design
Diploma Program in Gunsmith
Diploma Program in Health Records
Diploma Program in Heating and Air Conditioning
Diploma Program in Home Inspector
Diploma Program in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Diploma Program in Interior Decorator
Diploma Program in Internet Marketing
Diploma Program in Intro to Photography
Diploma Program in Introduction to Financial Statements
Diploma Program in Jewelry Design and Repair
Diploma Program in Landscape Design
Diploma Program in Locksmith
Diploma Program in Marketing Communications
Diploma Program in Massage Techniques
Diploma Program in Medical Billing
Diploma Program in Medical Office Assisting
Diploma Program in Medical Transcription
Diploma Program in Motorcycle Repair Technology
Diploma Program in Nutrition, Diet and Health Science
Diploma Program in Online Business Management
Diploma Program in Paralegal Studies
Diploma Program in PC Fundamentals
Diploma Program in PC Service and Repair
Diploma Program in Pharmacy
Diploma Program in Physical Therapy Aide
Diploma Program in Plumbing
Diploma Program in Private Investigation Services
Diploma Program in Project Management
Diploma Program in Property Management
Diploma Program in Real Estate
Diploma Program in Retail Management
Diploma Program in Sales Skills
Diploma Program in Security Services
Diploma Program in Small Business Management
Diploma Program in Sport Psychology for Peak Performance
Diploma Program in Tax Preparation
Diploma Program in Teacher Assistant
Diploma Program in Travel Agent
Diploma Program in Veterinary Assisting
Diploma Program in Web Design
Diploma Program in Writing Children's Books
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice
Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management
Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management
Graduate Certificate in Management
Graduate Certificate in Marketing
Master of Business Administration in Business Administration
Master of Business Administration in Health Administration
Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management
Master of Business Administration in International Business
Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Health Administration
Master of Science in Human Resources Management
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Marketing