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Serves: USA
Enrollment: Semesters
Financial Aid: No
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Louisiana
City: Thibodaux
Street: 110 Gouaux Hall
ZIP: 70310
Phone: 985-448-4131
Courses in Government Regulatory Agencies

The regulatory process is neither simple nor straightforward. Congress writes the laws, which authorize or require the federal agencies to act (or prohibit them from acting). This course will explore why Congress delegates to the agencies, how much it may delegate, and how it influences the use of the power it has delegated. Most of the federal agencies are in the executive branch of the government, headed by the president; the rest are so-called independent regulatory agencies. How much authority does the president have in appointments and removal and in policy guidance, and what means does he use to exercise that power? What are the procedural requirements the agencies must follow in developing regulations? What are the substantive requirements (e.g., the role of science and economics)? What influence does the public have, including the general public, the states and local governmental entities, and the special interests? The course will conclude with the role of the courts, which ultimately must decide questions of statutory interpretation and constitutional law.

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