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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: twice a year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: North Carolina
City: Chapel Hill
Street: 100 Friday Center Drive
ZIP: 27599-1020
Phone: (919) 962-3000
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill serves as an educational and economic beacon for the people of North Carolina and beyond. All this accomplished through its teaching, research and engagement.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the nation's first state university to open its doors and the only public university to award degrees in the 18th century. The first student of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill enrolled in 1795. UNC is one of the original eight schools known as a Public Ivy.

Distance Education
Distance Education at UNC-Chapel Hill offers the same excellent educational quality as is found in on-campus classes. Distance education includes courses, degrees and certificates for professionals and busy adults. While continuing to live and work in their native town, adult learners can enroll in individual courses, certificates or degrees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Through online education, video-conferencing and face-to-face instruction in or near their homes, distance education students experience the same high quality instruction, demanding workload and spirited class discussion as students on the main campus.

Individuals interested in graduate and professional degrees may enroll in a wide range of nationally ranked graduate and professional certificates online through the Schools of Education, Information and Library Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, Nursing, Public Health, Social Work and the Department of Allied Health Sciences in the School of Medicine.

Distance students use the university's full resources, including the libraries, the Writing Center and technology support. Lots of courses are identical to those taught in Chapel Hill and are taught by the same outstanding faculty. In other cases, faculty and the instructional support team design courses specifically for distance education programs. The quality instruction, the program content and the support services engage students as they enroll and complete their academic work. The process links students not only to their particular program, but to the whole university.

An online course or program may be right for you if you need the flexibility to fit your studies around your work and donít want to travel to attend a residential program. Online classes are just as demanding as their on-campus counterparts. In fact, it often takes more self-discipline to succeed in an online learning environment due to the absence of face-to-face interaction and mandatory physical attendance that you have in on-campus courses.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for graduate students who are enrolled in a degree-granting program. Undergraduate students also may be eligible for financial aid for courses they take online learning. All students must be degree-seeking, academically eligible, and enrolled at least half-time. Financial aid packages for undergraduate students may consist of grants and loans, while the majority of aid to graduate and professional students is from loan sources.


Jake Robinson
UNC's reputation is outstanding although A's are hard to come by. If you want to go to a grad school, go to an easier school for undergrad.

Oliver Stones
I think that UNC-CH was a great experience--high expectations in the Classics Dept., very knowledgeable faculty.

Jessica Bell
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the nation's oldest state university. The research facilities offered here are excellent in keeping with its reputation as a world class institution. I would advice students to not only choose a good university but to also make sure that it offers modules in ur area of specialization. That's more important.

Rose Edison
This is a great school! It doesnít get as much credit it deserves. I think it's one of the best schools in the country if one puts the quality of education vs. tuition.
This school is definitely great.

Programs offered by this school:
Bachelors Degree in Nursing for Registered Nurse (RN to BSN)
Certificate Program in Auditory Learning for Young Children with Hearing Loss
Certificate Program in Business Fundamentals
Certificate Program in Communications Technology
Certificate Program in Disaster Management
Certificate Program in Field Epidemiology
Certificate Program in Occupational Health Nursing
Certificate Program in Public Health
Certificate Program in Public Health Core Concepts
Certificate Program in School Library Media
Courses in Accounting
Courses in African American Studies
Courses in Anthropology
Courses in Archaeology
Courses in Art
Courses in Astronomy
Courses in Biology
Courses in Classics
Courses in Communication Studies
Courses in Computer Science
Courses in Dramatic Arts
Courses in Economics
Courses in Environmental Life Science
Courses in Environmental Science
Courses in Geography
Courses in Geology
Courses in Health Education
Courses in History
Courses in Hospitality Management
Courses in International Studies
Courses in Italian
Courses in Journalism and Mass Communication
Courses in Latin
Courses in Law
Courses in Linguistics
Courses in Mathematics
Courses in Music
Courses in Nursing
Courses in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Courses in Philosophy
Courses in Physics
Courses in Physiology
Courses in Political Science
Courses in Psychology
Courses in Public Policy
Courses in Religious Studies
Courses in Russian
Courses in Sociology
Courses in Spanish
Courses in Statistics
Doctor of Philosophy in Health Leadership
Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy
Executive Master in Health Administration
Executive Master in Public Health
Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
Masters Degree in Education
Masters Degree in International Business
Masters Degree in Molecular Diagnostics
Masters Degree in Occupational Health Nursing
Masters Degree in Public Health
Masters Degree in Public Health Nursing
Masters Degree in School Administration
Postbaccalaureate certificate in Radiologist Assistant
Seminar Program in English and Comparative Literature