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Serves: Worldwide
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Oregon
City: Portland
Street: 105 Neuberger Hall, 724 SW Harrison St
ZIP: 97207
Phone: 503.725.3000
Portland State University is a part of the Oregon University System. It improves recognition of the value of higher education by continually strengthening the metropolitan environment and utilizing that strength for its own growth toward standards of excellence in accessible high quality research, teaching and outreach programs. As a microcosm of the global society, the metropolitan environment becomes a laboratory for Portland State in this vision.

Our Vision
Our vision is an internationally recognized urban university known for excellence in student learning, innovative research, and community engagement that contributes to the economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and quality of life in the Portland region and beyond.

Our Mission
The mission of Portland State University is to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and economic qualities of urban life by providing access throughout the life span to a quality liberal education for undergraduates and an appropriate array of professional and graduate programs especially relevant to metropolitan areas. Our University conducts research and community service that support a high quality educational environment and reflect issues important to the region. It actively promotes the development of a network of educational institutions to serve the community.

The pursuit of our vision rests on our success in transforming undergraduate education, our growing research programs, our strong collaboration with the community, and the core values we hold. These values describe not only what PSU is now, but what it will be in the future.

PSU values intellectual inquiry in its undergraduate and graduate programs, provides leadership in the development of knowledge, and creates opportunities for the application of knowledge to real-world problems. We maintain a welcoming and stimulating environment that is conducive to success for students, faculty, and staff. We value tenure as an necessary component of this environment.

PSU is committed to providing access and opportunity to learners from regional, national, and international communities in their pursuit of lifelong learning and diverse educational goals.

PSU values diversity and fosters a climate of mutual respect and reflection that supports different beliefs and points of view and the open exchange of ideas.

Engagement describes Portland State's collaborative approach to the exchange of knowledge and resources with local, regional, national, and global partners for mutual benefit of students, faculty, and the community. Engagement among faculty, students, and the community contributes to learning and scholarship that is globally relevant and regionally focused.
Academic Priorities

The following three academic priorities guide our efforts and direct our resources:
    * IMPROVE student success through engaged learning experiences.
    * EXPAND innovative scholarship/creative activities that address regional issues and have global significance.
    * ENHANCE educational opportunity in the Portland Metropolitan Region

Portland State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Secretary of the US Department of Education, based on approved performance standards. Read more about the accreditation process at Portland State.


John Winsett
Portland State's online education worked directly around my schedule. Where most college classes require you to work around professorsí schedule, Portland is different. All of the materials were readily available on the internet and I felt like I could learn just as effectively on my work lunch breaks or my evenings off as I could in a traditional class room. The tools that they provide were exceptional and I don't even consider myself to be a computer wiz. Whenever I had a question about career placement or my academic performance, there was always someone at Portland State available for counsel by telephone. Their computer tools and staff are extremely supportive of self paced education.

Cindy Combest
At first I went to Portland State University because it was the best school close to home. But throughout my studies I have realized that I have made an excellent choice. Portland State has amazing faculty, who are very involved with the students and are extremely supportive and motivating. It is an urban school, located in downtown Portland, with beautiful Park blocks in the center of the campus. I loved the fact that I was within blocks from museums, cinemas, shopping, art center and Pioneer Square. It is true that PSU does not have much of a social life, and the Greek community is desperate to attract members. But that is what I LIKED about Portland State. The student body is very diverse, and everyone seems to take their studies very seriously. Most students also work while being in school and this seems to make them appreciate and value their time in school. Even though I only took a few courses online, the same faculty who teach regular classes teach online classes, so your academic experience will be the same as mine--that is to say, excellent. If you are looking for a great state university in a beautiful urban area, I highly recommend Portland State University.

Max Cole
Portland State University is a good value. Sure - they don't hold your hand like a small private liberal arts school. Then again, it costs a fraction of the tuition. It is a typical public urban university. If you know what you are looking for, Portland State is a good fit for many students.

Programs offered by this school:
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Science in Social Science
Certificate Program in Early Childhood Education
Courses in Achieving Equity through Multicultural Education
Courses in Ain't Gonna Study War No More
Courses in American Cinema
Courses in American Comedy in Films
Courses in American Culture
Courses in American Literature for Educators
Courses in American Musicals in Film
Courses in Asperger's: Perspectives, Talents, and Education of Students with Social and Cognitive Deficits
Courses in Bilingual Children: Program Models, Assessment, and Classroom Methods Ages 2-5
Courses in Brain-Based Learning
Courses in Bringing Social Studies Alive
Courses in British Literature for Educators
Courses in Business Ethics
Courses in Child and Adolescent Literature for Educators
Courses in Children's Books: Curriculum Connections
Courses in Children's Literature, K-5
Courses in Civics
Courses in Class Meetings: the Way to a Well-Disciplined Classroom
Courses in Concepts for K-8 Health and Fitness
Courses in Coping with Challenging Children
Courses in Counseling Skills for Classroom Teachers
Courses in Creating a Caring Classroom: Practical Strategies to Avoid Common Classroom Problems
Courses in Creating a Poetry-Friendly Classroom
Courses in Design Your Own Course: A District-Based Research Approach
Courses in e-Learning Essentials
Courses in e-Learning Instructional Strategies
Courses in e-Learning Systems Capstone
Courses in Early Language and Literacy
Courses in Early Literature: Teaching Reading and Writing in the K-3 Classroom
Courses in Economics
Courses in Egyptian Archeology
Courses in Environment and History
Courses in Environmental Ethics
Courses in Exploring the Internet 1: Beginning
Courses in Exploring the Internet 2: Intermediate
Courses in Exploring the Internet 3: Advanced
Courses in Feminist Analysis
Courses in Feminist Comedy
Courses in Fundamentals of Fundraising
Courses in Geography for Educators
Courses in Global Literature, K-12
Courses in History of Pacific NW
Courses in iMovie: Digital Video in the Classroom
Courses in Infusing Critical and Creative Thinking into Your Classroom
Courses in Instructional Design for Online Learning
Courses in Instructional Strategies and Assessment of Student Learning
Courses in Integrated Arts for the Classroom Teacher
Courses in Issues in Restructuring Education
Courses in Language Study for Teachers, K-12
Courses in Learning Styles: Teaching to the Differences among Us
Courses in Literacy Instruction for Special Needs Students, K-12
Courses in Literature Circles: Reading Successfully in the Intermediate Grades
Courses in Literature-Based Writing
Courses in Managing New Small Grassroots Non-Profits
Courses in Mathematics Instruction for the Learner with Special Needs
Courses in Mechanics of Writing for the K-12 Classroom
Courses in MediaBlender: Project-Based Learning with Multimedia
Courses in Movie Maker: Digital Video in the Classroom
Courses in Multicultural Literature for Educators
Courses in Multicultural Literature, K-12
Courses in Multicultural Perspective of U.S. History
Courses in Multimedia
Courses in Multiple Intelligences: Teaching Successfully to All Students
Courses in Online Pedagogy: Teaching and Designing Effective Online Mathematics Courses
Courses in Organizing a Literary Community
Courses in Peace Studies
Courses in Photoshop Elements: Digital Imaging in the Classroom
Courses in Planning for Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom, Ages 3-5
Courses in Politics of the Environment
Courses in Principles/Methods of Diagnosis and Assessment in Reading
Courses in Psychology of Women
Courses in Rural Social Services
Courses in School Reading
Courses in Science in the Multicultural K-8 Classroom
Courses in Science Inquiry for the Constructivist Teacher, K-8
Courses in Social Studies Concepts, K-8
Courses in Solving Reading Problems: Middle to High School
Courses in Solving Student Issues Step by Step
Courses in Stratification
Courses in Systems for Successful Implementation of Differentiated Education
Courses in The Essentials of Reading Instruction
Courses in U.S. History from the Civil War to 2000 for Educators
Courses in Urban Transportation Problems & Policies
Courses in Using the Best of Children's Literature in the Classroom
Courses in Using the Internet in the Classroom
Courses in Women Activism & Social Change
Courses in Women's History: Keys for Classroom Integration
Courses in Working Successfully with Culturally Diverse and English Language Learners
Courses in World History
Courses in World Literature for Educators
Courses in Writing Process for Educators
Masters Degree in Social Work