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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Michigan
City: Marquette
Street: 1401 Presque Isle Ave
ZIP: 49855
Phone: 1-800-682-9797
Northern Michigan University was founded in 1899 as Northern State Normal School. And in 1963, under a state constitution, Northern, like all public institutions in Michigan, was granted university status and an autonomous Board of Trustees.

Northern's campus houses a university theater, an award-winning library, a university center, two art galleries, and a three-structure sports and recreation complex of which one is the Superior Dome, the world's largest wooden dome.

Recognized for providing outstanding personal attention, more than 80 percent of NMU's 300-plus faculty members have doctorates or the highest degree in their fields, and a hallmark of the NMU experience is that full-time faculty members teach at all levels. Northern is also one of three universities in the state of Michigan to serve a community college role for its region.

Among NMU's highly recognized programs are its Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP); First Year Experience (FYE) program; Honors Program; Freshman Fellows, a program that pairs incoming freshmen with faculty members for collaborative research; and its outstanding study abroad program.

Online Learning
Northern Michigan University offers online learning. This type of learning is much more convenient for busy people than on campus. With it you can easily earn a degree and advance in your career. Our tradition of high-quality academics and outstanding personal attention to students doesn’t just happen on campus. Study with Northern from afar or supplement your on-campus studies by letting NMU come to you.

Northern Michigan University has a growing list of online and hybrid (part online, part on-campus) programs and courses – each semester, NMU offers dozens of courses online from its departments.

All NMU online courses are taught through WebCT, which is a course management system. WebCT is software that allows educational institutions to create and host courses on the Internet.

Northern Michigan University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Financial Aid
Northern Michigan University offers Financial Aid for eligible students. The financial need is calculated by subtracting the expected family contribution from the total cost of your education. We are prepared to assist you in meeting your financial need by awarding grants, scholarships, employment or low-interest loans.


Fred King
This is an excellent school. Professors are willing to do whatever it takes for you to understand the material. Seem genuinely interested and passionate in what they teach. Professors are humorous and make learning fun and interesting and not pressure filled.

Mollie Sloan
NMU provided a great small class/town atmosphere that I took for granted at the time. In retrospect, even my basic classes were never more than 60 people and most were less than 25 students. The professors knew my name and many were genuinely interested in how I was doing.

I graduated in 1999 with a pre-med/biology degree and since then many of the bio/chem docs have retired. While the department certainly isn't a research/academic powerhouse, I felt thoroughly trained and ready when I came to medical school at a private university in Philadelphia. In fact, often better academically prepared than many of my ivy league classmates. I didn't realize it at the time, but I really got a great undergrad education.

I was concerned how going to a little-known state school in the Midwest would look to medical schools and later in my career, but I am so glad I went. I'm starting my residency next month at an ivy league school, and I can only thank NMU for giving me the base to get here.

The best part is that I got this great education at bare cost. I got in state tuition and some small help from a swimming scholarship, but even without, it's an unbelievably inexpensive school. In relation to my $200,000 med school debt, it was essentially free.

Now that I've gone to a large university in a city, I see just how helpful the staff at NMU were. I never had a problem with any of them and they were always helpful.

The upper peninsula is a great place. A bit backwards, but it has tons to offer. Living on Lake Superior is beautiful. Plenty of hiking, skiing, mt biking, snowshoeing, etc.

Paul Reyes
Coming from Chicago, I was scared to come up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's awesome though.

The main reason I came here was the outdoor aspect and the fact that my uncle is a yooper. Eagle scouts will love a school like this (I am that's why I say this). The opportunities are all over to go backpacking and hiking like the Porcupine mountains, Pictured Rocks, Isle Royale, and many other sites. No other school near Chicago offers outdoor activities like Northern does. I don't ski, but you can do that or snowboard in the winter.

The parties are nice, and the classes aren't that hard. I made dean's list last semester and was intoxicated three nights a week. The cops bust lots of things, but there is always something that is not getting busted.

The school is really small compared to other public universities, and it's fairly inexpensive. You will often see the same kids all the time in the cafeteria or at parties. It's easy to get to know people. Even without the partial scholarship I got, it's still cheaper than many in-state universities in Illinois.

It's not perfect though, the town isn't exactly the best. In fact, it completely sucks. You're forced to live in the dorms for the first two years, but they aren’t that bad. Although, some people completely despise of them after awhile, so some dudes should look at that. It's VERY cold here too, but that will make you appreciate the summer even more.

Gary Lynn
Northern has done nothing, but impress me since my enrollment in 1997. NMU has just enough students. About 10,000 students roam the campus. It's located in Marquette, MI, which sits on the shores of Lake Superior. There is also a great Midwest ski/snowboard resort in town, which has a great park. Lots of hiking and camping too! The classes have been great, only one class I would advise not to take. There is a great student to teacher ratio. Great if you love snow and winter....bad if you hate snow...NMU was a great choice and has prepared me for the next level. Plus a great division 1 hockey team.