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Serves: USA, Canada, Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Illinois
City: Downers Grove
Street: 3005 Highland Parkway
ZIP: 60515
Phone: 888-653-5537
The Keller Graduate School of Management (KGSM) was originally founded in 1973 as the CBA Institute. Providing a practitioner-oriented approach to management education was the main goal of the institution. In 1976, founders Dennis J. Keller and Ronald L. Taylor launched the School's Master of Business Administration degree program and expanded its sites from one Chicago location to five sites in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And in 1987, the School was added to DeVry, Inc. through its consolidation with DeVry Institutes.

But later the two institutions merged and however, the two institutions continued to expand both programmatically and geographically. In the 1990s, KGSM added six additional Master's degree programs in management fields. Nowadays, students can choose online, evening and weekend classes in all of Kellerís Master's degree programs, which include Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Project Management, Public Administration and Telecom Management. DeVry currently operates 47 adult learning centers and 23 undergraduate campuses across the United States and Canada.

Keller offers students nationally respected graduate degree programs to meet tomorrow's business demands, taught by today's real-world business leaders. Whether students 're earning an MBA (with a choice of 15 concentrations), a specialty master's degree or one of over a dozen graduate certificates, a Keller graduate degree program will help students develop relevant skills and valued credentials that give them an edge in the professional world.

The flexible graduate degree programs and scheduling options enable students pursue an advanced education on their terms. Individuals have to select coursework that matches their specific career interests. With Keller, they can address unique career goals and fit a graduate degree program into their  lifestyle.

The graduate education from Keller Graduate School of Management can help get students to go in the career. Keller delivers the credibility students expect and the flexibility they need to help them gain the professional edge. Kellr encourages students to think of graduate education as a long-term investment. Earning an MBA can greatly increase their chances of being hired or being considered for the most attractive career assignments. It can also increase students' salary and enable them to earn more throughout their entire career.


Steve Cooper
I love a school that gets with it and offers whatís in demand. They offer classes that work around you. Programs that are offered are what in demand. Online or in classroom. 3 credit hours are about $2000.

Sara Foster
Good school. No GMATS...that says something to the contrary though...It is cheaper then most grad schools in the area and will get you done tons faster too. They also have a real on-line option for just about every class with a set up that doesn't leave you lost like other schools. You can even split your classes between other area centers in addition to on-line. About as flexible as schools get. And for the amount of graduates they are pumping out across the country...not a bad networking option on the resume either...

Cole Smith
I have taken a combination of in-person and online courses over the course of my career. Honestly, I have obtained more value from the online courses most of the time. The few best value courses have been in-person courses but only when the instructor has superior teaching skill (which is the exception rather than the rule these days). Otherwise, online courses have proven more valuable. If you are going to sit in a live class of much more than 40 people, you might as well just view pre-recorded lectures in an online format. Even when live class sizes have been small, I have found that the stupid and/or lazy people in the class slow down the pace of the learning. In an online format, I can simply ignore these stupid people for the most part; not so in a live class! How about all that time and money (can you say $4+/gallon gasoline?) that is wasted traveling to and from class? The travel time saved can be reinvested in your courses. Live courses do have their place for some coursework and live classes do have the potential to provide better educational value than online courses, but the reality is that "on average" I have found online courses to provide better educational value over time. In the not-too-distant future, expect to online delivery of courses as the preferred delivery method for college coursework. Even some online high school programs are beginning to be offered to allow parents an alternative to America's poor quality public school system.

Stephanie Jackson

Iris Wilson
I am half way through the MBA program at Keller. The main reason I went with them is for the flexibility and the online classes since I work full time +. I got my undergrad with University of California and one of the things I was partly disappointed with was the lack of real world training I received.

One thing I appreciate at Keller is the use of the online simulations and exercises where I can interact and experiment with the programs. I think this is going to be a major concept in the future evolution of education. Some of the other students have some good real world experiences to share and I have been able to apply some lessons right away in my work. There is a broad spectrum of students at Keller and this is both good and bad. Good to have a broad professional backgrounds / perspectives but not so good to have a few students that are in class because they couldn't get in elsewhere.

Programs offered by this school:
Graduate Certificate in Accounting
Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
Graduate Certificate in eCommerce Management
Graduate Certificate in Educational Management
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Financial Analysis
Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management
Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management
Graduate Certificate in Information Security
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management
Graduate Certificate in Network & Communications Management
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Wireless Communications
Master of Business Administration in Accounting
Master of Business Administration in eCommerce Management
Master of Business Administration in Finance
Master of Business Administration in General Management
Master of Business Administration in Health Services
Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management
Master of Business Administration in Human Resource
Master of Business Administration in Information Security
Master of Business Administration in Information Systems Management
Master of Business Administration in International Business
Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Master of Business Administration in Network & Communications Management
Master of Business Administration in Project Management
Master of Business Administration in Public Administration
Master of Business Administration in Security Management
Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance
Masters Degree in Human Resources Management
Masters Degree in Information Systems Management
Masters Degree in Network & Communications Management
Masters Degree in Project Management
Masters Degree in Public Administration