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Serves: Worldwide
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Illinois
City: Naperville
Street: 1200 E. Diehl Road
ZIP: 60563
Phone: 800-231-0497
At DevRy students may go to class before work, or after their work-out. They may take all or some courses through DeVry's distance learning option. Class starts when students are ready. They study from their home or office - or Internet cafe - 24/7. They work with their classmates on group projects online. It is possible to email their teacher and other students right from the DeVry online classroom.

Whatever students need, it's online. The course syllabus, class assignments, teacher presentations, DeVry's online library and virtual bookstore - and more. Distance learning students have access to student support services too - from academic advising to financial aid.

The exceptional career-oriented, technology based undergraduate programs and graduate programs set us apart. As part of the community here, you're already experiencing the difference a Devry education makes.

Career Services
The Career Advisors will guide students every step of the way by offering assistance in establishing career direction, writing effective resumes and cover letters, improving their interviewing skills, refining various networking techniques, and providing current salary trends and information. Students and alumni will also have access to local and national job leads posted by employers from across North America. These job leads range from executive and senior level management for the more experienced job seeker to entry-level opportunities for students just beginning their career. Career Services can also assist students obtain co-op and part-time positions.

Student Services
The Mission of Student Services is to provide support, services, advocacy, and information services that will empower our students to achieve their life long educational goals.


Victoria Smith
I was unsure about whether the online finance degree, I was seeking, was going to be the same quality as a campus school. I choose DeVry for several reasons mainly having to do with size of school, experience, cost, and it had the program in finance I was seeking. I had a wonderful and definitely challenging educational experience with DeVry. The instructors were very educated and helpful and I liked interacting and working on projects with fellow students. I would highly recommend this school to anyone considering it.

Ann Jones
I recently graduated from DeVry University. My overall experience was a good one. I am a full time mom, wife and I work full time but I needed my BA to advance at my job. I did my research and got in touch with an advisor. The whole process was no problem. I knew what I was getting myself into as well as i was explained to about the cost and the student loans. The overall set up was a good experience for me. I would recommend anyone who attends to stay on top of your financial aid. I called them so much that they new me by heart, but all of that calling paid off because I stayed on top of my loans as well as my grants, I had more than enough money to cover my education. I left the school with a zero balance. The classes are challenging and I actaully learned something. I was never turned down for a job interview just because I had DeVry listed on my resume. The experience is what you put into it, I would recommend anyone to do your research and make sure online learning is something you can commit to. If you have a full time family and job I would recommend online learning, if you are a student just graduating high school then no I would recommend going to a state school.

Chase Davis
I rate Devry University as great because they give you an intensely focused education, one on one tutoring (which was very important for academic success), and provided a valuable career training before you graduate.

I was working as a web developer while attending Devry and after the completion of my undergrad degree, my career had taken off much more than those of my friends in the same major and career paths.

Kira Clark
I am from Ohio and I attend Devry Univeristy online. I am currently in my secound semester and I love it. My major is health information technology and I am learning so much. Where I reside in Dayton there is only one school that offers this major, but it is out of reach. Due to the fact that I need to be home with my children, because I am a 24 year old single mother. The classes at Devry have given me the flexibility to complete my studies. I have always received A's in school, but after having children it made it harder for me. I did not have babysitter's and even when I did my child was constantly sick. Now I know longer have to worry about that obstacle. Devry is regionally accredited, and it is also accredited by Ahima. I don't know about anyone else's major, but for my major it is a good fit. I recently contacted the hospitals in my area, and they do indeed hire Devry graduates.My advice is that if you do not like Devry then don't go. There are plenty of other universities to choose from. It seems to me that people should take responsibity for their actions. No matter what you do in life you must commit yourself. Don't blame Devry, because you have bad work ethics. Instead of trying to blame Devry for your failures look in the mirror. Stop being mediocre and go after want you want. If your desire is to go Harvard go, and instead of talking about it.

Marvin Allen
I had a great experience at DeVry, and was able to land a dream job after graduation........

Programs offered by this school:
Associate in Applied Science in Electronics & Computer Technology
Associate in Applied Science in Network Systems Administration
Associates Degree in Accounting
Associates Degree in Health Information Technology
Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration
Associates Degree in Web Design
Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design
Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
Bachelors Degree in Business Information Systems
Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering Technology
Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems
Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice
Bachelors Degree in Finance
Bachelors Degree in Game Development & Simulation Programming Technology
Bachelors Degree in Health Information Management
Bachelors Degree in Health Services Management
Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management
Bachelors Degree in Human Resources Management
Bachelors Degree in Management
Bachelors Degree in Network & Communications Management
Bachelors Degree in Operations Management
Bachelors Degree in Project Management
Bachelors Degree in Sales and Marketing Management
Bachelors Degree in Security Management
Bachelors Degree in Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Bachelors Degree in Technical Communications
Bachelors Degree in Technical Management
Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance
Masters Degree in Business Administration
Masters Degree in Educational Technology
Masters Degree in Information Systems Management
Masters Degree in Network & Communications Management
Masters Degree in Project Management
Masters Degree in Public Administration