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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: twice a year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Virginia
City: Blacksburg
Street: 902 Prices Fork Rd.
ZIP: 24061
Phone: 1-866-791-4898
Certificate Program in Networking

Computer networks and their associated protocols form the basis for modern data communications that is at the heart of "information technology" and the Internet. Program in Networking prepares students to be key contributors to the design, selection, management, and operation of networks and it provides important background knowledge for students who choose to become application developers for a networked environment. The module provides students with a deep understanding of network technologies, protocols, and algorithms that form the foundation of networking. Students will be able to describe network components and their relationship, analyze network behavior, and compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of networks and protocols based on their constituent algorithms. Also the module builds on this foundation to provide students with the knowledge and the analytical capabilities needed to effectively design, deploy, and manage computer networks and protocols. Students will be prepared to conduct further research in networks and protocols, design networks and protocols and quickly learn operational details needed to manage networks.

Programs offered by this school:
Certificate Program in Business Information Systems
Certificate Program in Decision Support System Management
Certificate Program in Information Security
Certificate Program in Networking
Certificate Program in Non-Profit Management
Certificate Program in Software Development
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Policy
Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Political Analysis
Graduate Certificate in Information Policy and Society
Graduate Certificate in Integrative STEM Education
Graduate Certificate in Liberal Arts
Graduate Certificate in Natural Resource Management
Graduate Certificate in Risk Management
Graduate Certificate in Security Studies
Master of Arts in Distance Education Leadership
Master of Arts in Instructional Technology
Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Education in Integrative STEM Education
Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Master of Science in Agricultural and Life Sciences
Master of Science in Health Promotion
Master of Science in Ocean Engineering
Master of Science in Risk Management
Masters Degree in Information Technology
Masters Degree in Natural Resource Management