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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: 2 terms per year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: New York
City: Plattsburgh
Street: 101 Broad Street
ZIP: 12901
Phone: (518) 564-2000
SUNY Plattsburgh is dedicated to engaging students and helping them to succeed. Our focus on student success begins with a balanced environment that is conducive to learning and filled with opportunities to work closely with faculty.

The main goal of the College is to help you to become successful in college and beyond - to stand out in whatever you do, whether you are starting as a high-achieving student or as someone ready to realize your undiscovered potential. And we have students arrived from diverse backgrounds and places.
Students are enabled to discover their potential, to seek new intellectual horizons, and to learn skills that can turn dreams into realities. They explore new ground and reach still greater heights of achievement.

Our faculty are qualified and they are ready to help students to reach their educational goals. Providing students with still more access to expert instruction and guidance, faculty also handle student advisement and mentoring.

Our curriculum prepares you with the intellectual foundation demanded by professional careers. And it blends liberal arts and science Education, Health and Human Services; business and internships, with opportunities for cultural enrichment, such as Study Abroad.

Students have the opportunity to take classes online. Besides, we also offer online degree program that may be earned completely online.
The Financial Aid Office at SUNY Plattsburgh processes over $50 million in financial assistance each academic year. Our financial aid is offered from federal, state, institutional and private programs.

You may think over participating in the federal student or parent loan program. This is because we are a Direct Lending institution, meaning you borrow directly from the federal government and not through a private bank.


Adele Briggs
Plattsburgh was the ideal size for me and I was afforded many leadership and volunteer/philanthropic activities. I was also able to take music seriously, even though it wasn't my major. The quality of the professors during my tenure at PSU was much higher than many of the "better" teachers at SUNY Oswego. I think I should have attended grad school at Plattsburgh.

Francisca Flores
I'm happy with my decision to attend Plattsburgh State. Weird art outside, and there are only a couple buildings that are really old and arcitectually great, but the campus does rest in the mountains, it's on the Saranac River, and Lake Champlain is less than two miles from campus, so there are a lot of outdoors activities - just not a lot to do in town. A small mall uptown, and downtown has about 10 bars are so. The nice thing is that you can walk everywhere, and it's all compact. The people are nice. There is a wide variety of students - lots of hippies, lots of downstaters from Long Island and NYC, and lots of people from Albany as well. Not too many Western and Central New Yorkers though. The gen eds. are tough, but once you get into your major, it gets so much better. It's a big enough school that there's a lot to do and get involved with, yet every major is small enough that you can really get to know your professors, and they are willing to give you a helping hand.

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