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State: Pennsylvania
City: Scranton
Street: 925 Oak Street
ZIP: 18515
Phone: 800-275-4410
Courses in Algebra I

Our Algebra 1 course explains the basics: signed numbers (such as –2 or +4), monomials (“one number,” such as 6b or 12x), and polynomials (“many numbers,” such as 2x + 3y).
It also explains: formulas (e.g., A = L x W); equations (e.g., 5 x 2 = 10); inequalities (e.g., 3 < 11); graphing (a visual representation of numbers); exponents (“shorthand” way of writing a lengthy multiplication problem); roots (e.g., square roots); quadratic equations (equations with a squared variable, such as x 2); and algebraic fractions (those with variables, such as a and b).
This course contains six study units and an Answer Key Supplement with solutions to the Practice Exercise problems in each of the study units.

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