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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Oregon
City: Klamath Falls
Street: 3201 Campus Drive
ZIP: 97601
Phone: (541) 885-1155
Oregon Institute of Technology was founded in 1947. In 1953, Associate degree programs in Surveying and Structural Engineering Technologies were first accredited by the Engineers Council for Professional Development. In 1964 the main campus moved to its current location. And in 1973 the school was renamed to the Oregon Institute of Technology.

It is also known as Oregon Tech or just OIT. It is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon and provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in many health related and technical fields. Oregon Institute of Technology provides degree programs that enable graduates to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for immediate employment. The main goal of the OIT is to enable students to be effective communicators, responsible citizens and lifelong learners by assisting them in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, and ethical and cultural awareness.

Oregon Institute of Technology offers continuing and distance education and advanced professional studies to meet the emerging needs of todayís citizens.

Oregon Institute of Technology offers a growing number of degree completion programs through online delivery. Distance Education gives students opportunity to finish their certificate, associateís or even bachelorís degree without leaving home or office. Instructors will provide a structured learning experience with deadlines to help students keep on track.

Distance education programs and courses at OIT are taught through the Internet, allowing students to receive and submit assignments and interact with their instructors and classmates through their personal computer.


Claude Bence
I would fully agree with the other reviewers that the coursework at OIT is very challenging. Talking with friends in engineering fields at other universities, it seems that OIT has far more demanding programs. However, this hard work is rewarded by the school's excellent reputation among employers and essentially guaranteed jobs upon graduation. It may not have the prestige of a major national university, but it provides an excellent, affordable education. Additionally, I was accepted into a number of top grad schools based on my academic record at OIT, so even if your ultimate goal is a advanced degree, this is a better place than most to start.

Professors are there to teach (not to do research) which is a huge advantage over larger universities. It's very common to be on a first name basis with professors in your major, and there are no classes taught by TAs.

I've always had trouble with the financial aid/cashier's offices, both of which are borderline incompetent, but most schools suffer from bureaucracy problems.

Student life is mostly forgettable. Not a lot of extracurricular or campus events. Klamath Falls is certainly a below average college town (in addition to being ugly) but, like any place, you can make it fun if you apply yourself.

One final note, there seems to be overabundance of left-handed desks in OIT classrooms. Yeah.

Fernando Hartl
If you want a job before you graduate, go to OIT. If you're going for the girls, go anyplace else.

Danny Gaier
OIT is a great school if you know exactly what you want and are willing to work very very hard. Klamath Falls is a nasty little town with not much to recommend it except for good hunting & fishing within close proximity, and remarkably clear skies (if you like to look at the stars...). The school is a great place with several good departments and teachers. The math and physics departments are staffed by native English speakers (not easy to find...).

You will work your ass off, but it will be worth it in the end. Microsoft cherry picks several graduates from the software engineering department every year.

Excellent faculty, very good support staff (you spend a lot of time waiting in lines at some schools, but not OIT, finaid and scheduling lines are short and quick...)

They accept "anyone that can fog a mirror" as we used to say. Consequently, they have about a 75% dropout rate. Great place to go if you were a terrible high school student, waited several years to go to college, then decide to go back to school when you're fed up with crap jobs (i.e. me). If you make it past the first semester or two, you'll probably make it to the end, but it will be a long road, and don't expect to get out in 4 years.

There's not much social life, but I met my future wife while a student and managed to make several life long friends there. Adversity breeds deep friendships.