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State: Vermont
City: Northfield
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Phone: +1-647-722-6642
Norwich University has built a leading-edge online campus, using the consistent and integrated efforts of faculty, support staff, administrators, students and alumni. We have built an environment that promotes networking, peer-support and one-on-one contact with Norwich faculty.

Through online learning, you are empowered to learn on your own and even to teach one another. Through the discussion group mode, you can explain, share, comment upon, and critique course materials. But you also get to learn from experts in the field as your instructor dialogs with and mentors you

Online discussions are asynchronous. This format affords you extra time to contemplate questions and compose well-crafted responses creating a valuable exchange of ideas and thoughts.

The Kreitzberg Library serves all Norwich University students and faculty, whether online or on-campus. The library currently provides access to 100 online databases, 22,000 full-text electronic journals and tens of thousands of e-Books. In addition, the library provides books in print and journal articles through the Document Delivery service for those resources that are unavailable online.

Norwich seeks goal-oriented individuals who have high standards of personal ethics and have demonstrated excellence in their professional lives and academic studies. Applicants should have a desire to make a positive contribution to their field. Selective admissions criteria are intended to ensure that those admitted will succeed in a rigorous academic environment.

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To help you through the complex maze of financial aid issues, we have developed a step-by-step approach to removing the mystery from financial aid. US Citizens and permanent residents have full access to Federal Financial Aid.


Cheryl Rogue
Norwich is definitely what you make of it. For those who have not had a good experience at Norwich, it is because they sat back and waited for good things to happen. Or allowed bad things to happen to them. The good points of Norwich (ROTC programs, extracurricular activities, etc.) have prepared me to be a leader through experience. The bad points of Norwich (Childish behavior, Corps politics, stupidity, etc.) have prepared me to be a leader in the sense that I know what wrong looks like. Through Norwich, I've seen all the bullshit and now I'm prepared for anything. Norwich is a good lesson in life experience and no ivy league or community college is ever going to provide that.

Denise Elsberry
The Master of Business Administration program requires one to stay very focused and disciplined to stay in. It isn't well known outside of some specific channels but the degree packs the punch necessary for gaining a jump in the market place. You will find that the required discussions are very time consuming. The papers that are required to write (apprx 10 pgs/wk) are also pretty time consuming. One must manage their time with incredibly tight windows with the job and family. I entered the program looking for a solid, mutually respected MBA program and feel that I am getting my money's worth. The professors are incredibly knowledgeable (PhD/CEO/VPs/COO/CFO) with regard to today's business practices and strategies.
I researched my options for well over a year with regard to online MBA programs. This program is a good choice if you have the considerable extra time to put into studying and writing. The experience at Norwich can be summed-up perfectly by its motto, Expect Challenge, Achieve Distinction.

Alfred Tanouye
In summary, the online Master of Business Administration program worth the money I paid for. The program not only provides interesting reading materials, it uses up-to-date real-life case studies to solidify concepts learn from reading materials.

Team projects and online discussions make the learning both challenging and fun. Team projects allow students to learn about group dynamics and how to resolve conflict as well as promote team work. Instructors are knowledgeable, supportive and helpful, and they are pretty good at responding to questions in timely manner.

On the other hand, the course works are very demanding but it is definitely worth the time and effort to do well in them. I learned a great deal after each course and able to put what I learned into use at work right away.

I will definitely recommend the program to others.

Dale Gran
I am a student in the Master of Civil Engineering Online Program. This program has taught me more in the last 8 months than I could have ever imagined. It is great that Norwich incorporates project and business management into its curriculum, as opposed to most undergraduate degrees. Most professors and staff are very prompt with their responses and are all down to earth. You must keep up with your school work though, and if you can't devote at least 3 hours a night to it, it will be hard to keep up. You must be self disciplined too and develop your own time scheduling to stay abreast on your work. Words of caution: Be prepared to be challenged… This degree will be well worth it when you are done.