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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: twice a year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: New York
City: Sanborn
Street: 3111 Saunders Settlement Rd.
ZIP: 14132
Phone: 716.614.6222
Niagara County Community College (NCCC) is centrally located in Niagara County on a beautiful 287-acre rural campus. Through the sponsorship of the Niagara County Legislature and the State University of New York, NCCC continue to plough into our facilities to offer our students with an education of high quality at a really affordable price.

At present NCCC offers associate's degrees in numerous programs. Dual admissions programs promote transfer to four-year colleges upon completion of the two-year degree programs. NCCC is authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York to award the Associate in Arts Degree (AA), the Associate in Science Degree (AS), the Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) and the Associate in Occupational Science Degree (AOS). 

Through the Lifelong Learning Division, NCCC offers educational programming for those who have a specific, focused educational need over a comparatively short period. Lifelong Learning leads a range of credit-free courses, performances, workshops and seminars; short-term vocational programs; training and education programs done through contract with business and industry and entrepreneurial courses through its Small Business Development Center.

Online Learning
NCCC’s Online Learning offers the programs, services and resources for recent high school graduates, adults seeking new skills and new careers. At NCCC you can choose among more than 80 courses that you can take anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can earn a two-year degree completely online through NCCC from one of our 8 online degree and certificate programs.

Niagara County Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Financial Aid
NCCC offers financial aid for students. Financial aid distribution is at fifty-eight percent scholarships per grants and forty-two percent loans per jobs. Financial aid forms are FAFSA and State aid form. Similarly, need based financial aid distribution is determined through Academics, Alumni Affiliation and Athletics. If you are not a need based student, non-need distribution for financial aid is determined by Academics, Alumni Affiliation and Athletics.


Cathy Calhoun
I received my AA at NTRIP as it is fondly referred to by many. My class sizes were small, my professors knowledgeable and caring, most of the staff in all of the offices knew me by face. Everyone was professional and polite. I attended as a single parent and my children loved to be there, it was more than a school but a home to us - they had community events and plays and made learning something I could do even with obstacles in place. I had tried at other institutions and did not do well - but at NTRIP everyone made a difference in making it possible for everyone to achieve what they were there to achieve. I loved my experience there and built a wonderful foundation and I am now working on my master degree because of what I achieved there.

Jacob Deleon
It's a phenominal community college. The administrative staff is extremely helpful. The class sizes are small, and the faculty are outstanding.
The vast majority of my instructors have PhD's or are in a PhD program. There are very few teachers that have any kind of accent; most are plain old whitebread Americans.
The surrounding area is about as dull as it can get. Canada is only about a 15 minute ride, but that's about it. There's not much for food in the immediate area.
Most students are fresh out of high school, and that can make it tough for the "adult learner" that is stuck in a class with 25 people under the age of 20; although, the teachers certainly sympathize with that, and are willing to work WITH you as long as you act like a mature individual.
Advisors are hit or miss...some are great, some don't care.
Again, it's an awesome school. Do the work, brining a positive attitude and you'll get in an easy 3.5-4.0.

Brad Harper
I only know mostly about the engineering technology department. The faculty in this department are friendly and for the most part good teachers that help you understand the coursework. Your best bet is to ask around to fellow classmates as to whom is a good teacher. If you enjoy the open air and country roads, this is the place for you. If you really have the will to get an associates degree, this will be a breeze.