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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Florida
City: Winter Park
Street: 3300 University Blvd.
ZIP: 32792
Phone: 800-226-7625
Full Sail University is a private, for-profit university located in Winter Park, Florida. It was founded as Full Sail Real World Education by Jon Phelps in 1979 as a recording studio workshop.

The University offers degree programs in Computer Animation, Digital Arts & Design, Education Media Design & Technology, Entertainment Business, Film, Game Art, Game Design, Game Development, Internet Marketing, Music Business, Recording Arts, Show Production & Touring, and Web Design & Development. Full Sail awards associate's, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees after 12 to 21 months of an accelerated education. The education is provided in on-campus and online formats.

Full Sail University has built a reputation as one of the premier media arts schools in the world. Throughout the entertainment industry, Full Sail graduates have made their names working on award-winning films and albums, acclaimed video games and design projects, live productions, working inside major media companies, and more. They build their careers working on films, albums, games, graphic design, live productions, and more.

Full Sail attracts people from all over the world with a passion to create, music, film, games, animation, design, and live events. They come here to learn in an environment that is essentially one of the biggest entertainment production facilities on the planet, and to be part of a community of like minded peers.

All students and instructors here share a passion for this unique blend of art and technology, where gear and creativity come together under one roof. But most of all, students come to Full Sail seeking fulfilling careers doing what they love.

Every student can get financial assistance here as the University strives to assist every student in obtaining this. The student's eligibility, the school's packaging criteria, and the amount and types of financial aid available determine this.


Barbara James
Full Sail's frenetic schedule and demanding courseload was the perfect "sampler" for my future career in television production. The school is costly, but I more than made up for the expense incurred by rising quickly in my field as a direct result of being able to use knowledge and technique gained during my time there. I would suggest that students on the fence about a media career not attend... those not already full-tilt commtted to a career in the programs offered should consider testing the water in a less expensive environment.

Kenny Ross
This school is very cool. If you have the right mindset going in and milk everyone you run into for the entire time you are here for everything and anything you can. You will be successful. Thatís just good life advice period.

Sam Butler
Full Sail has opened the door to the future. It is a school that has you in mind, your interests and lets you work to your capabilities as you go. Great learning and social networking school.

Michael Ward
I recieved a BS and an AS is Film from Full Sail so I can only speak to that Department. I enjoyed my time at the school very much. The majority of the instructors are great. You learn a TON. It is true that you don't need a degree to work in the film industry, but if you're going to go to a film school then go to Full Sail. They teach you the things that will actually help you on the job. No one is going to leave film school and imediately direct a feature.

From my experience the people who are upset with the school are lazy and live in their own world. They think because they have a degree in Film the whole world is just going to open up for them. The same people from my class who "knew everything" and didn't work hard are the same people who are doing nothing in the industry. They moved back to their hometowns and can't figure out why they're not directing. The people who are actually doing something are the people who moved to LA and understood they had to start out PAing making $100-$200 a day.

You only get out what you put in. If you go to this school with the right attitude and put everything you have into it then you will succeed. If you expect everything to be handed to you then don't bother going.

I am working in the industry and I worked my balls off in school and still am. I never expected Full Sail to get me a job.