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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: California
City: Fresno
Street: 1717 South Chestnut Avenue
ZIP: 93702-4709
Phone: (559) 453-2000
Fresno Pacific University is the Christian university that offers leading academic programs, ethical and spiritual development through traditional bachelor's degree, adult degree completion, master's, certificate and credentialing programs.

The University prepares students for faithful and wise service through excellence in Christian higher education, and strengthens the church and improves society through scholarship and service.

The Fresno Pacific Idea reflects the universityís interpretation of what it means to be a community of learners committed to a distinctive vision of Christian higher education. The Idea serves as a center for reflection and action and as a guide for forming a vision of the future. The main goal of the University is to develop students for leadership and service through excellence in Christian higher education. It embodies Christ-centered values.

As a Christian liberal arts community, Fresno Pacific University is an integral part of the mission of the church. The university seeks to engage members of its community in a collaborative search for knowledge and experience which lead toward a perceptive and creative relationship with God, humanity, and the natural world. It also seeks to build and to extend the Kingdom of God by enabling persons to serve church and society.

The University offers rigorous and challenging programs in business, medicine, education, ministry and many other fields. Students also have the opportunity to earn their degrees online. The programs include a variety of academic and professional undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree programs. Each program builds on the integrative foundation of the liberal arts, encouraging thoughtful reflection on those beliefs and values that contribute to personal and societal wholeness. The intersection of Christian belief, the liberal arts, and an ethic of service provide an educational perspective that leads to an examined understanding of God, self, and the world, uniting theory with practice.

The Fresno Pacific University believes that knowledge and understanding are formed in community; that learning takes place through dialogue and discourse between people who have different experiences and perspectives, and that such wisdom begins with humility. These understandings join teachers and students as partners in a mutual search for truth and wholeness.


Sarah Morgan
I earned my Master degree online from this University. It was great. I have a job and thatís why I canít attend school. But the University allowed me to study without loosing my job. I liked that you can do all your tests online and see the grade right away. It helped me by seeing the ones I got wrong so I could go back and check my answers. I feel that I have really done well.