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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Florida
City: Miami
Street: 11865 Southwest 26th Street Suite H3
ZIP: 33175
Phone: (305)226-9999
Florida National College is junior college and is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Florida National College Online provides students with various programs in business, computer technology, health services, etc. These are the principle instructions for distance learning students to take into consideration:
I. Attendance
A student taking an online class is supposed to login two times a week (any day, any time)
II The first day you should:
a.  Examine all announcements.
b. Read your instructor information. Take note of his or her email address.
c. Read your class Syllabus.
d. Read your classmates’ introduction and post yours.

Students should bear in mind that an online student is responsible for making the first contact with the instructor, maintaining weekly correspondence and submitting given work regularly to be regarded as “active”.

IV. Each week you will have a reading task and some sort of homework.
V. In case you have questions or concerns, you should:
a. Email your instructor.
b. Post your question or concern on the Concerns forum.
c. Send a message to your instructor. Do not forget to frequently check your messages inbox.

Procedures and Guidelines
1. All existing policies that apply to on-campus education apply to distance education as well.
2. Credit hours established for courses delivered through distance education will equal to credit hours for the same course delivered in a usual way. Florida National College is answerable for the technological delivery of the courses. Courses should be delivered by unfailing means, and the college must supply technical, educational, and instructional design support services to faculty and students.
3. An online student is responsible for making the first contact with the instructor, maintaining weekly correspondence, and submitting given work regularly to be regarded as “Active.”
4. The academic division offering distance education is responsible for keeping the same high standards for all courses irrespective of delivery means, and for making sure that distance education instruction is analogous in quality and content to the corresponding conventional on-campus instruction.
5. Faculty who educate via distance education technologies ought to have satisfactory technical skills to successfully present their subject and related material. A faculty member should be endorsed by the Distance Learning Director and Vice-President of Academic Affairs to educate a distance education course.
6. Faculty that provides distance education should be available to work together with their students in person and via e-mail or telephone.
7. Florida National College knows that it takes added time for preparation and delivery of Distance Learning courses; for that reason, time and half hours of workload are assigned for faculty teaching online.
8.  Florida National College has copyright to distance education materials and preserves right of use.


Clarissa Stewart
The classes, the work, and the teachers were all wonderful. I did not have any problems with online connection. Choose this College and you will feel privileges.