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Serves: Worldwide
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Florida
City: Boca Raton
Street: 5002 T-Rex Avenue, #100
ZIP: 33431
Phone: (888) 772-6077
The mission of Everglades University is to provide quality education to adult learners of various backgrounds in a collaborative environment where each person has the opportunity to achieve personal growth. The University seeks to accomplish its mission by combining small class sizes and innovative programs with traditional academics values to deliver graduate programs both on camps and online.

Online Degree Programs
The virtual classroom is comfortable; courses can be taken easily by anyone with Internet access. Lesson plans, assignments, and class schedules are posted online; while student/teacher interaction and student/student interaction also occur over the Internet. Scheduled discussions, email messages, live chats, and real-time group discussions are a few of the opportunities for interacting during your online course. Our unique scheduling allows students to take one class at a time and complete it in one month.
This concentrated approach permits students to focus on each subject and absorb the information rapidly.

Graduates of the online degree programs earn the same course credits and degrees as those students who complete equivalent courses and programs on campus.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Please note that financial aid is not available to international students.

Benefits of an Online Degree at Everglades University:
-  Complete your entire bachelor degree online
-  24 hour access to course materials
-  One-class-at-a-time format
-  All faculty hold a Masterís or Ph.D.
-  Receive personal attention getting started and throughout your program
-  No on campus visit required

The Everglades University Advantage
Everglades Universityís Bachelorís and Masterís Degree programs can be completed in less time than you think Ė Masterís Degree programs in as little as 14 months. Our unique class schedule allows undergraduate students to take one class as a time and complete it in one month. Their concentrated approach permits students to focus on each subject and enhance the overall learning experience. Graduate students can complete two classes in an eight week time period.

Online Course Features:
- Online Orientation
- 24/7 Help Desk
- Chartrooms
- Electronic Bulletin Board
- Discussions
- Email
- Course Calendar
- Electronic Library
- Online Tests and Grade Book


Lara Coleman
I am an Everglades Student of seventeen months and I am very happy with what I have experienced.

I attend online and am therefore affiliated with the main campus in Boca Raton. EU is a small school, so attention is personalized--to the point where I have received cards from the staff members the last two Christmases. (My academic advisor is also my department head, if that tells you anything.)

Since they are working on regional accreditation, some of the other projects--such as finding online labs to pair with their curriculum--have fallen to the wayside. (More and more schools are accepting online labs, I am told.) When I recently inquired into the progress of online labs, I was told that they had not found labs that match with the school's curriculum, but my advisor offered to get me into business classes so that I would not have to repeat science classes when I picked up some extra credits at another school after graduation. (This is not a hassle for me, as I was going to have to pick up a few extra classes to get into alternative medical school, anyway.)

If you want to transfer your credits to a school in your state later on, be sure to check with your school of choice ahead of time. Here in Michigan, Central Michigan University will not accept EU's credits, Ferris State will accept all transferable credits and Eastern Michigan will consider your transfer credits after you have completed a semester.

If you are considering becoming a naturopathic physician, there are four schools in the United States that the National Institutes of Health consider to be "worth their salt" (along with another two in Canada). Of those six schools, the University of Bridgeport (a public school in Connecticut), the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (private, Arizona) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (private, Toronto) will all accept degrees from Everglades. (I checked around after an admissions rep from one of the other schools told me my degree wouldn't be worth the paper it's printed on.)

As far as curriculum, alternative medical subjects are mixed in with general education classes. Thus far, I've had major-specific classes like Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical ethics; but I've also taken math, chemistry, anatomy, poli sci and composition. (I'll have to repeat those "normal sci" classes, but oh well.) There's much more to come--I can show you my complete schedule, if you like.

Oh and did I mention there's only one class every four weeks? Makes it easy to go to work during the day and come home and do your homework (which I do). The other great part about this is that you're basically given a "to do list" that you can complete on your own time--the school week starts on Sunday and ends Saturday at midnight. (I like having as much free time during the week as possible, so I generally only "go to school" Sunday-Tuesday).