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Serves: Worldwide
Financial Aid: No
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: New Jersey
City: Hackettstown
Street: 400 Jefferson Street
ZIP: 07840
Phone: (908) 852-1400
Centenary College is committed to enlarging its presence in the immediate and expanded geographic region through its quality undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs
Centenary College is an independent college offering bachelor degree programs and associate degree programs in the liberal arts and career areas and master degree programs in business administration, counseling, counseling psychology, education,
English, special education, public administration, and psychoanalysis, and on line masters. Certification programs are also offered in many areas.

Extra-Curricular Activities
There is variety of extra-curricular activities including intercollegiate and intramural sports, clubs and organizations to meet your many interests, and social activities to round out your student life experience. The campus radio station, WNTI, the Centenary Performing Arts Guild and other arts organizations add important cultural dimensions to student life.


Edward S. Bietka
I wholeheartedly encourage anyone seeking self-improvement and career enhancement to enroll in Centenary College’s Leadership and Public Administration program. The program integrates the talent, knowledge and skills of top quality professors as well as a diverse group of highly motivated students from both the public and private sectors…

Ebru Y.
I really love this place, if you are looking for a small college to really work hard and do great then Centenary College is the college for you. I study hard everyday and it pays off, even though people don’t know much about centenary college I would like you to know that this school is up and coming. My classes are tough the teachers are tough but fair. If you work hard and they see your working hard that counts, tutors are always around they have a center full of tutors that work with students all day. I hope more students check out this school and get a great education.