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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: 6 terms per year
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston
Street: 1010 Commonwealth Avenue
ZIP: 02215
Phone: (617) 358-1960
Boston University Online is a unique collaboration between the Office of Distance Education and many Schools and Colleges that comprise Boston University. The Extended Education at Boston University is aimed at creating a unique interactive online instructional environment that incorporates simulations, video, audio, multimedia, and group activities such as discussion boards.

Boston University Online actively participated in online education community, which proves its membership in University Continuing Education Association (UCEA), the Sloan Consortium, and United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

Boston University Online offers great opportunities to both graduate and undergraduate students who want to receive professional education, improve their skills and knowledge in a specific field or receive a degree. Thus, the University offers the following online studying options:

• Graduate Degrees
• Undergraduate Degrees
• Certificate Programs
• Individual Courses
• Professional Courses and Certificates

Students enrolling in the online graduate programs may obtain a Master of Arts, Master of Music, Master of Science degrees in Music Education, Art Education, Management, Computer Information Systems, Occupational Therapy or Health Communication. There are also a number of graduate certificates and three Doctorate level degrees in Music Education, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Studying online at Boston University requires a lot of written communication from the student. While students do not have to travel to campus, they need to have appropriate technology at home or other place where they plan to study. The peculiarity of the online education at Boston University is that the vast majority of the online courses have a seven-week schedule, and each course has certain deadlines so that students’ progress stays at a manageable pace. It is usually possible to complete two courses per semester while taking them one at a time. Furthermore, courses begin every seven weeks in January, March, May, July, September, and November, as a rule.

Students may expect to receive financial aid from Boston University Online, which includes loans, scholarships, and grants.


Andrew W.
I just finished my Master's of Science in Management on line at BU and it met all my expectations. The courses were challenging and I enjoyed the entire program. The Professors are the same as in the "live" classes. It is perfect for a busy business professional as I could "attend class" anywhere, anytime and anyplace and at a part-time pay as you go price. It took me about 2 years. I highly recommend the on-line education experience at Boston University. It's a great University.

I am still in the program and am loving it. The classes are flexible and allow me to still take care of my two boys while furthering my education.

BU is an excellent school in that it not only focuses on students' academic well-being, but their personal well-being. The classes are rigorous, and the professors demanding, but the faculty is always willing to assist students. I feel the knowledge and academic skills I gained as an undergrad at BU have been essential in my success as a graduate student.

Scott V.
Great school! Trust me, I attended for 4 years!

Michael B.
I did an online undergraduate degree in Genetics, Ethics and the Law. It's great to be able to interact with faculty members online as this really helps with coursework. There's also a great variety of course material - interactive studies, online videos etc. The main thing is that you have to be very self motivated - much more so than if you were on campus full time. The overall experience was extremely good and I would definitely recommend online learning to others.

Programs offered by this school:
Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies in Interdisciplinary Studies
Doctoral Degree in Music Education
Doctoral Degree in Occupational Therapy
Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy
Graduate Certificate in Asian Religions and Healing
Graduate Certificate in Clinical Investigation
Graduate Certificate in Computer & Digital Forensics
Graduate Certificate in Database Management & Business Intelligence
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Information Security
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology
Graduate Certificate in International Marketing
Graduate Certificate in Physical Education/Health/Coaching
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Graduate Certificate in Risk Management
Master of Arts in Art Education
Master of Music in Music Education
Master of Science in Health Communication
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Master of Science in Information Systems in Computer Security
Master of Science in Information Systems in Database Management & Business Intelligence
Master of Science in Information Systems in IT/IS Project Management
Master of Science in Management in Banking and Financial Services
Master of Science in Management in Human Resources Management
Master of Science in Management in Insurance Management
Master of Science in Management in International Marketing
Master of Science in Management in Project Management
Master of Science in Management in Risk Management
Masters Degree in Criminal Justice