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On completion of an online certification program, you will usually obtain a certificate proving your competency in a subject.

Online-Study allows you to browse over 100 online certification programs in a wide selection of subject areas or choose among the most familiar types of certificates to help you find the best suitable program. Areas of concentration include, but are not limited to, Accounting, Automotive and Mechanics, Business Information Systems, Communication, Management, Paralegal, Programming and more.
Online certification programs are beneficial for individuals changing fields or aiming at further professional development. Certificates offered online allow the working professional flexibility and convenience. Depending on the reason for your considering a certification program, you can choose from such programs as Certificate Program, Certificate of Completion, Advanced Certificate, Graduate Certificate and Postbaccalaureate Certificate.

Online certifications are subject-specific programs, which offer you an opportunity to acquire proficiency in a range of skilled professions or gain knowledge in a field of your interest. Offered by numerous USA online schools, the certification programs are designed to provide an effective distance learning experience.

Online certification programs are designed to help students fulfill professional development requirements, start an online degree program, or take a few courses of interest. Study-Online has a wide range of online program choices, which range from Accounting, Criminal Justice, Graphics and Multimedia to Nursing, Microsoft, Paralegal and many others.