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Serves: USA
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: Yes
Contact Info:
State: Minnesota
City: Richfield
Street: 1401 W. 76th Street, Suite 500
ZIP: 55423
Phone: (612) 861-2000
Minnesota School of Business/Globe has been offering focused career education programs for 130 years. We have become one of the most acknowledged and highly esteemed providers of private business, legal science, technology, multimedia/design, and medical education in the Upper Midwest. Minnesota School of Business/Globe offers diplomas, Bachelor of Science degrees and Associate in Applied Science degrees for numerous programs within these career areas, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree program.

We present flexible schedules to meet your educational and individual needs. Classes are available during the day and evening for full-time and part-time students. Besides, a lot of classes are offered online, giving you an opportunity to take part in distance education. Our online delivery allows you to learn from the place of your preference and suits a schedule that is appropriate for you.
Except the educational experience you get, people you meet at Minnesota School of Business/Globe will become your friends and advisers. They will have impact on your life and develop your networking opportunities.

Our admissions representatives are committed to aiding you to succeed and will modify the admissions process to accommodate your needs. To start, potential students usually meet with an admissions representative. During this meeting, you may ask questions, learn about program alternatives at Minnesota School of Business/Globe, and tour the campus of your preference. Your friends and family members are invited to come to support you.

Financial Aid
A financial assistance officer will work with you to work out a payment strategy and talk about financial assistance alternatives and qualifications to make the school start as easy as possible.
At Minnesota School of Business/Globe, this is how we describe our financial assistance process. We have it improved, so we can make a plan that’s within your means and accommodates your needs. There are many financial assistance alternatives available and applying for any type of assistance engages a lot of paperwork.

Our financial aid counselors are aware of different kinds of student loans, grants and scholarships offered inside and out. Here’s the way we aid you to discover how to pay for the tuition:
1.    A financial aid counselor will meet with you in person to establish your financial needs.
2.    Founded on our general knowledge of financial assistance alternatives, we’ll propose the best alternatives you have that might include a combination of loans, grants and scholarships.
3.    We’ll completely and plainly explain every alternative, its application requirements and how it will help you.
4.    When it’s time to complete paperwork to apply, we lead you through each step.

Career Services
Our program is just one feature that sets us aside from other educational institutions. When we design our courses, we ask employers within our program fields to name the skills needed for success in their businesses. Then, we include these skills in our courses to make sure you graduate with the knowledge employers want, including:
•    Critical thinking and problem solving
•    Collaboration and leadership
•    Communication skills
Employer-accepted program, practical training and personalized attention provide you with the knowledge and training needed to become successful in your selected career. Teachers with practical knowledge and professional, job-related experience teach you what you will require to know in the real world.


Trisha Robertson
MBS’ weekly login requirements were very reasonable and I was able to finish school more quickly compared to the other school I attended prior to MBS.

Programs offered by this school:
Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration
Associate in Applied Science in Cosmetology Business
Associate in Applied Science in Criminal Justice
Associate in Applied Science in Information Technology
Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal
Associate in Applied Science in Transportation Business
Associates Degree in Accounting
Associates Degree in Sales and Marketing Management
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Paralegal
Bachelors Degree in Accounting
Diploma Program in Accounting
Diploma Program in Business Administrative Assistance
Diploma Program in Legal Administrative Assisting
Masters Degree in Business Administration