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Serves: Worldwide
Enrollment: Rolling
Financial Aid: Yes
Scholarships: No
Contact Info:
State: Ohio
City: Cleveland
Street: 1776 E. 17th
ZIP: 44114
Phone: (800) 243-6446
Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) provides electronics and computer training via distance learning. Students can choose from a wide variety of online distance learning programs that will fit any personal training needs including an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology or Computer Information Technology.

The Institute offers two associate degrees and various diplomas and certificates in electronics and computer technology.

CIE was approved by the U.S. Department of Education to be one of the first distance learning institutions accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council to provide federal financial aid to its students for the Associate Degree programs. Thatís why, Federal Financial Aid is available for the Associate Degree programs for those who qualify. Moreover, New Military Spouse Funds are available for select CIE programs too. 

The Institute offers many programs that will meet individuals training needs including an Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology or Computer Information Technology.

CIE prepares learners with careful "hands-on" training using CIE's lab equipment, personalized one-on-one instruction and an exclusive patented lesson program...all provided at no extra cost! Institute staff works directly with students to answer their questions, update lessons, develop lab equipment and provide technical assistance when needed.

Participants will see how easy and affordable it is to get a professional degree through distance learning. This is because CIE's unique online programs let them learn new technology at their own pace and in their own home without disrupting their present job or lifestyle. When individuals finish, they'll have a nationally accredited degree in electronics or computer technology and the skills and confidence necessary to start a new career!

All lesson material and labs are included with tuition. So, participants study at home, take their exams online and finish with a nationally accredited degree they can count on the rest of their career. As a CIE Student, they'll gain from the one-on-one approach of the instructional staff plus the in-depth technical expertise of some of the world's top electronics authorities.

The Institute is a nationally accredited distance learning school that has been training technicians with their lessons and labs for over seventy years. CIEís programs cover electronics troubleshooting, computer technology, wireless communications and networking. And our dedicated staff of instructors do more than just grade their exams. Their goal is to help guide students, step-by-step, through theirr studies and hands-on training. Thus, they personally review each written lesson report. Besides, they'll encourage students when they're doing well, and give them support when they need it. Most importantly they'll see that every question students have receives careful consideration by one or more members of the staff.


CIE is a very interesting distance education institution. The degree programs offered are not simple "read the book" and pass. They make you think of the subjects and understand the material presented. The Instructors at the school are friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone who has successfully completed a CIE course is hard working, knowledgeable, and will be successful in their field as it takes someone who has self discipline to complete a CIE course. Employers looking for quality employees know they are getting one if they hire a CIE graduate.

B. W.
CIE are the best so far, according to me. I am currently enrolled in their electronics and computer engineering bachelors program. The instructors are terrific. Anytime I get stack on my reading, I always pick up the phone and call toll free for further elaboration. The instructors even offer to call me back and they take their time on each question I have. I never new online studies could be this accommodating. They make it so easy. Their auto programmed courses are so easy to follow. They truly made learning easy and fun for me. I look forward to doing more courses through them. They have truly perfected the art of online studies. They send courses back to back. They quickly mark and return the results. By the time you start on a different course, the results of your last exam are back. They not only return the results but how each answer was to be arrived at. Honestly I enjoy every bit of the courses I'm taking with them.

Programs offered by this school:
Associate in Applied Science in Computer Information Technology and Systems Management
Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Engineering Technology
Associate in Applied Science in Software Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems
Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology
Courses in Broadcast Engineering
Courses in CompTIA A+
Courses in CompTIA Network+
Courses in Computer Programming with Java and C#
Courses in Electronics Engineering Technology
Courses in Electronics Technology and Advanced Troubleshooting
Courses in Electronics Technology with Digital and Microprocessor Lab
Courses in Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation
Courses in Electronics Technology with Laboratory
Courses in Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology
Courses in Introduction to Computers and Microsoft Office
Courses in Introduction to Home Automation Installation
Courses in Wireless Communications