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The U.S. military uses the aptitude tests to select individuals with sufficient skills and abilities for military training, adjusting to military life, and creating successful military members.

The military is not for everyone. That is why there are certain standards and requirements set by Congress for enlistment. Some standards can be based on medical history, testing scores, criminal history, immigration status, and age. Typically, these requirements vary by branch of service and vary between officers, and enlisted personnel. All interested individuals must make sure they qualify before they go through all the procedures. People are assigned an occupational specialty based on their aptitude, former training, and the needs of the military. To help the military determine who is accepted into the service, aptitude tests are given also to point a soldier in the direction they may need to go for a particular career choice.
Selection for a particular type of training depends on the needs of the service and the applicant’s aptitudes and personal preferences.