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General Reference
Internet Public Library: Reference
This website proposes its users all possible basic research tools, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, which are usually expected to find in a library. There is also much more useful information, located at this site.
The is the name of a free virtual library resource center for the wide variety of readers: educators and their students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesspeople and for everyone exploring the Web for valuable research information. All sites, which are featured on, are hand – selected and carefully reviewed by an editorial team for their exceptional quality, utility and content.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
The Librarian’s Index to the Internet (LII) is the name of a annotated, searchable subject directory, which contains more than 12,000 Internet resources. Each of these resources has over gone the process of selection and evaluation by librarians for its usefullness for the users of public libraries. The Librarian’s Index to the Inernet is considered to be a reliable and efficient guide to the Internet resources, and this is why it is used not only librarians, but by the general public as well.

Yahoo! Reference
No matter who you are: a student, a teacher, a parent or the whole thing is just in mere curiosity, Yahoo is for you of no doubt. The reference offers a huge selection of different kinds of books and other materials, with the help of which everyone will be able to find the type of information he needs. it is possible to look for some definition in the dictionary, find map and flag images for every country of the world in the World Factbook, get a thorough information from the encyclopedia and much more with the help of Yahoo.